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Weekend roundup: Abbott Laboratories, DCNS & Thales, Portugal’s privatisation, Shell and ‘Livelihoods’

Abbott Laboratories has agreed to pay fines totalling $1.5 billion for improperly marketing its anti-seizure drug, Depakote.

The judgement includes a $700 million criminal fine and $800 of civil settlements with the federal government and states.

The U.S. attorney for the western district of Virginia claimed that Abbott’s senior executives carried out a strategy of systematically marketing Depakote for uses unapproved by the FDA from 1998 to at least 2006.

SNC-Lavalin, Shell, DynCorp, U.S. Chamber Watch, ‘Indigenous Flashpoints’

One day, someone will write a case study of Canadian construction giant SNC-Lavalin‘s time in Libya and hand it to businesses thinking of expanding into corrupt, undemocratic parts of the world. The cover will boast a gaggle of newly-orphaned children wagging their fingers disapprovingly at the reader. And you know those bleary-eyed brats will be onto something.

SNC-Lavalin: The Canadian engineering firm boasted a close working relationship with Col. Gaddafi's son

Shell Nigeria oil spill estimates balloon as profits rocket

Royal Dutch Shell’s 2008 oil spill in the Niger Delta resulted in 1,640 barrels of oil spilt into the environmentally sensitive region. At least, that was the company’s story at the time.

New documents obtained by Amnesty International cast doubt on this. They claim that a total of between 103,000 and 311,000 barrels of oil flooded into the Bodo creeks over the period of a week – at least 60 times greater than Shell’s official estimate.

News update: Shell, API, Total S.A., Coal India, S&P, James Murdoch

Around 11,000 Nigerians have sued Shell for two major oil spills in 2008 which they argue destroyed their livelihoods.

The case in London will be watched closely by oil industry and law experts both; the Legal Aid and Sentencing Bill (LASPO) being voted in UK parliament tomorrow threatens to prevent people of poor economic means from bringing cases to the High Court. In a report published in November 2011, Amnesty International blamed Royal Dutch Shell for spilling 270,000 barrels of oil into waters used by Bodo fishing communities in Nigeria. They estimate clean-up and rehabilitation of indigenous peoples to cost up to $1 billion. No doubt Chevron will be looking carefully at the outcome of the case.

Bribery in Nigeria: MWKL fined £7 million as investigations continue

The UK’s High Court has ordered engineering company M.W. Kellogg Ltd. (MWKL) to pay over £7 million in fines after a probe by the Serious Fraud Office (SFO) in a bribery scandal that continues to ripple through its parent company.

The £7 million will come from share dividends the Company would have received from the contracts in question. The SFO release notes that “MWKL was used by the parent company and was not a willing participant in the corruption.”

M.W. Kellogg Co.

MWKL: A former sales exec is on trial in the US